Yamaya Faye is a multi-talented Entrepreneur, beginning her career in modelling and working with various fashion houses & companies in New York, Los Angeles, Milan, London, Florida and Chicago with 20+ years of industry & personal Knowledge she rapidly became a highly sought after Designer, Coach, Public Speaker, Teacher, Consultant  for Fashion/Imagery, Social Etiquette & Empowerment Organisation & Agencies …

In 2009 Yamaya ventured out of the US to expand her brand and creativity into Europe by becoming a Designer, participating in various Fashion Weeks across the US, Europe & Africa, interior & exterior designing Multi-Million Dollar Luxury Villas in the top tourist destination, Marbella Spain, all while raising her Heiress Jauqline. 

Throughout this great venturing, she has always overstood the importance of self empowerment, personal development & creating her own lifestyle. Throughout many trials and tribulations she has successfully launched an empowerment platform Creating UR Own Identity providing Holistic Life Coaching, Image Consulting & Empowerment Speaking services to individuals whom desire to Create Their Own Identity & Lifestyle. And for a more in depth approach to living a Holistic Life she also launched N-DIVINE BALANCE, providing sessions on Spiritual Development, Altar Work, Meditation, Yoga, Health, Wellness and more.

Be opened and trust Yamaya’s guidance as she is a living testimony of their success, for more information on Yamaya Platforms click learn more below.