A guided practice utilizing binaural beats to and visualization to allow you to tap into that divine light within you, and help transmit the energy to different aspects of your life. Find a quiet place, sit down, and tap into your divine light. GrandStand Beloveds Full Moon N Libra ️ ancestors, sage, cleanse the altar, meditation & tap in to the DIVINE and here’s some sage for you and your Family .

yamayacreateurownidentity Grand Noches 👑 Know your Divine Divinity Beloveds 💙🧜🏾‍♀️👑💋

Ashra Kwesi! That’s my guy! One of the first lecturers I saw coming back into knowledge of our history and cultural. A few of us even hosted a lecture at our highschool in 1990-91 year. ✊🏾